Toddler Girl Wearing Iksplor Merino Wool Swaddle Blanket by Teton Mountain Range

best. blanket. ever.

As a new parent, I was overwhelmed with all the new responsibilities, not to mention all the STUFF that comes with having an infant. Sleep deprived, I purchased every swaddle or sleep gizmo under the sun. I finally went to clean out my daughter’s closet and encountered over 20 something swaddle blankets. Muslin, polyester, fleece, you name it. Many too technical to be useful for more than a short phase.

Enough was enough.

My sister and I went to work on sourcing the best natural and sustainable fabric out there and designed a no-frills, 100 percent merino wool swaddle blanket that would last a lifetime. Why will you love our adventure blanket?

Temperature-Regulating Kids' Merino Wool - Sun and Rain Graphic

temperature regulating

Quick-Drying Kids' Merino Wool - Sun and Cactus Graphic

dries quickly

Natural Kids' Merino Wool - Leaf Graphic

natural + chemical free

Sensitive-Skin Kids' Merino Wool - Cloud Graphic

soft on delicate skin

Anti-Bacterial Kids' Merino Wool - Germ Graphic


Stain-Resistant Kids' Merino Wool - Washing Machine Graphic

stain resistant + machine washable

Beautifully and minimally designed, this all season blanket is designed for your little explorer. Generously sized at 48 x 48 inches it was made for swaddling, sleep, summits and every adventure in between! 

This do it all fabric, goes way beyond bedtime. Here are 25 obvious and not so obvious ways you can use your adventure blanket, making it the best valued baby product you will buy!  

Kids Wrapped in Iksplor Merino Wool Adventure Blanket by Lake
Infant Baby Wearing Iksplor Merino Wool Swaddle Blanket and Hat/Beanie
Toddler Girl Wrapped in Iksplor Merino Wool Adventure Blanket by Hammock

25 imaginative ideas for how to use your adventure blanket, beyond bedtime!

receiving blanket
tummy time blanket
burp cloth
car seat cover
peek a boo blanket
changing mat cover
nursing cover
play mat
crib sheet
soft towel
fort blanket

beach blanket
superhero cape
camp chair blanket
hair towel
picnic blanket
bag to collect nature finds
a photo backdrop
car window sun shade
a mini parachute (not actually a lifesaving device)
security blanket
invisible cape 

The adventure blanket will start shipping mid July. There is only a small batch available, don’t end up on the waiting list choose your favorite color (or both) today! We can’t wait to hear all the imaginative ways your child uses their blanket.

Don’t forget to tag you and your child’s adventures big and small!!


Thank you for shopping small and supporting our family business.

Karissa, Barb & Kailey

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