the mother of all blow outs...

You all know what I am talking about, you put a new outfit on your baby and, literally, two minutes later BOOM. The mother of all blowouts. As a new parent, easily stained and easily ruined clothing was a constant frustration. I already felt guilty enough about the environmental impact of disposable diapers: I had no patience for disposable clothing, too!

Now onto kid #2 and I have learned my lesson. Merino wool ROCKS. It's waxy Lanolin coating helps resist stains naturally.

The above happened during a cross-country ski trip. That's me on the left...blissfully unaware of the risky business happening inside Anara’s eggplant ski suit all while she soundly slept, btw. When we returned home, I took her out of her suit and found her merino pants had already dried and so had the blowout. This one took a little more effort, but by following the steps below, her iksplor merino wool pants were soon as good as new and ready for many more wears until we passed them down to her baby cousin Lou Lou!

Step 1 - Treat the Stain
Get that sh*t soaking in mild warm water ASAP
Gently dab stain with a stain remover bar or spray   

Step 2 - Soak 
Add mild detergent to water and let garment soak
Gently agitate the water from time to time
Rinse with fresh warm water

Step 3 - Machine Wash
Machine wash garment with a wool specific detergent or mild detergent
Repeat steps 1 & 2 until the stain is gone

Step 4 - Drying
Lay flat to dry. Even better, use the stain fighting properties of the sun ☀️🌞
Avoid using the dryer until you know the stain is out!