Iksplor mourns the loss of chief dad officer &
lead motivator, Bill Tuthill aka...wild bill, pepi, dad

We are heartbroken to announce the unexpected passing of our beloved father, Dr. William Christie Tuthill. He died due to natural causes while doing one of the things he loved most, kiteboarding, He was 70 years young.

Known to many as Wild Bill – the man sure loved a party and just about any outdoor adventure – he was, to us, Chief Dad Officer. From the time we were tiny through our launch of iksplor and beyond, he was our biggest champion and supporter. Although we haven’t known many people who worked harder than he did as a veterinarian and owner of two veterinary hospitals in Colorado Springs, he was also the epitome of an involved parent. He was at every one of our sports practices, games and meets. He refused to put us in ski school because he didn’t want to ski without us. He and our mom took two weeks every spring to bring us to the beach and a month every August to camp with us along the Columbia River Gorge. They taught us how to ski, mountain bike, dirt bike, fish, kite board, windsurf, hike, camp and more. Our memories of those days spent with him, our late brother, Michael, and our mom are among those we cherish most.

Our father taught us how to live and parent by example. He knew we all only have a limited time here and so he was determined to live as best he could, while he could. And he did. He was the definition of “70 is the new 50,” because he was kicking ass until the end. Our dad soaked up experiences, relished time with his family, adored his wife and reveled in his children and grandchildren. Only a few things really annoyed him: Waiting for the wind to blow, the snow to fall or to get on the chairlift. He was a force: ever opinionated and ready to offer advice. Although often unsolicited, we never really minded that much, because it was part of his charm. It was one of the ways he expressed how much he loved and cared for us, and all those dear to him.

Our dad was the voice we wanted at the other end of the line to answer any question, calm any nerve, soothe any fear, or offer words of encouragement when we needed them most. He told us that marrying our mother and having us kids were the two best things that ever happened to him. We will miss him every day.

Our father – how he lived and how he and our mother raised us – was among our main inspirations for iksplor. So we will continue to build this company in his honor and memory. Wild Bill / Chief Dad Officer knew the value of time away from work, spent together, instead. He was always pushing us to take that time, which is what we need now more than ever. So, as we find our way forward in the days ahead, we’re going to take a break from social media and our newsletter to be together with our mother and our families. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from friends and loved ones near and far and will be back in touch soon.

Barb Tuthill
Wife, Nae Nae and Chief Mom Officer

Karissa Akin
Kailey Gieck 

Daughters, Sisters and Founders

Everleigh and Anara Akin
Soon to arrive Baby Girl Gieck

Grandaughters, Iksplor Models and Product Testers

How can you support?

If you would like to show your support, you can donate to a cause my Dad felt very passionately about. His niece Katie Lee passed a few months before him from Cystic Fibrosis. Our Mom was supposed to be at the Rangeley Cystic Fibrosis Snowmobile Ride this weekend, she would love your support to help find a cure for CF as she will not be able to attend: