born for adventure

made in the USA 

ZQ merino wool

we source ZQ accredited merino wool from new zealand, because it is the world's leading accreditation for ethical wool. zq is sustainable, ethical and traceable back to sheep that have been treated awesomely! ZQ merino growers believe in farming sustainably for generations to come. as a children's brand, our commitment is to our children and the next generation. ZQ Merino is audited by a 3rd party to ensure the highest standards in:

bluesign® approved  

our merino is knit and dyed in a bluesign accredited manufacturing plant. this accreditation system ensures our fabric is being manufactured to meet the highest standards in:

  •  health and safety of the environment
  •  the workers who are making our fabric
  •  the final safety and quality of our knitted and dyed fabric

made in the USA   

iksplor's cutting and sewing takes place right here in the USA by a woman-owned manufacturing plant. our manufacturer is a leader and advocate for bringing apparel production back to the USA!

because only the best wool do #letsgoiksplor