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Recycling Clothes - Iksplor More - Send Back Program


is the average amount of clothing and textile each person in the U.S. throws away annually.

only 15%

of used clothing in the United States gets recycled or donated, according to an April 2013 report from the Council for Textile Recycling.

where does it go?

Into our landfills. Which means textiles have one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable materials.

nearly 100%

of textiles and clothing could be recycled each year.

iksplor more-send back program

At iksplor we created a closed-loop production process that minimizes environmental harm as much as possible and keeps your gear out of our landfills. When it’s time to pass your items on, don’t worry their adventures aren't over. Simply send them back (no matter the condition) via our “iksplor more-send back program.” We’ll reuse, repurpose, or compost your iksplor wear.

In return, not only will you feel amazing about reducing your carbon footprint, but you will also receive 15% off your next purchase.


What Iksplor clothing can I send back? What condition does it need to be in?
How do I send back my clothing?
How do I receive 15% off my next order?
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