born for adventure

a family brand 

big ideas driven by passion 

two sisters and their mamma

iksplor was born for adventure in January 2018. Karissa Akin, new mom and co-founder, was discouraged by the limited options of base layers to dress her daughter in. living in jackson hole, wyoming, we know merino wool is the best fabric for the unpredictable mountain elements. so why aren't there more options for our kids? 

inspired to create layers of their own, Karissa teamed up with sister, Kailey Gieck, and mom, Barb Tuthill. as a family, they set out to design ethically made, high-quality merino wool layers and swaddle blankets for little explorers.

karissa akin // ceo

barb tuthill //

kailey gieck // coo

life was made for great friends and grand adventures

three tipis. three siblings. three cofounders.

sisters, karissa and kailey and brother michael grew up in colorado. the three spent many unstructured days exploring the outdoors together. from fort building to butterfly chasing, some of their greatest memories came from those carefree days in nature. in 2009, michael unexpectedly passed. since then, the family continues to face the daily challenges of grief. spending time as a family and being outdoors has become one of the greatest and most important outlets. the three tipis represent each sibling’s favorite childhood color and was the inspiration for the brand's color palette and values. 


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  •    love fearlessly 

    helping families get outside and stay outside longer #letsgoiksplor