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iksplor more - send back initiative 

As a parent herself, Karissa found it discouraging the amount of textile waste she accumulated as her little one quickly sized up. Overwhelmed with how to responsibly dispose of her daughter’s used and often ruined clothing, her and her sister set out to create the best children’s adventure clothing. The Iksplor collection made from durable and stain resistant 100% merino wool was born.

We developed the Iksplor More Send Back Initiative to make it easier for parents to responsibly dispose of their Iksplor clothing. If you would like help responsibly disposing your baby’s used clothing, you can send us back your Iksplor adventure wear, regardless of condition, for 15% off your next order. 

What Iksplor clothing can I send back? What condition does it need to be in?
How do I send back my clothing?
How do I receive 15% off my next order?
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