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what does ikˈsplôr mean?

explore (ikˈsplôr)
to travel in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it

The Iksplor Family - Father and DaughterThe Iksplor Family - Sisters and Brother Hiking
The Iksplor Family - Sisters and Brother on LakeThe Iksplor Family - Mother and Daughter

welcome to the family

We're two sisters who grew up exploring the outdoors as a family. Most of our free time, just about every weekend, and nearly all of our vacations were spent outside. We hiked and camped, sailed and biked, climbed and skied. Not only did these childhood adventures bring us closer, they ignited our passion for the outdoors and protecting our fragile environment.

As we begin families of our own, we knew that we wanted to share this same love of nature and spirit of adventure with our children. Especially in such a fast paced, digitally-connected world. A deep bond with nature is as fundamental to our own physical and emotional health as it is to our children’s. Outdoor adventure sparks confidence, independence, a sense of awareness and stewardship for our environment and so much more.

But we get it, with everything on your plate, carving out time to get outside with your kids is easier some days than others. That’s why we are on a mission to create easy-to-use resources, essential clothing pieces and community inspiration to help you get out the door and into nature with your littles.   

designed in Jackson Hole 

Living in Jackson Hole, WY, we’re lucky to have mountains and wilderness all around us. In such an environment, we see our fair share of extreme temps, powerful storms and surprise weather changes. We learned quickly that nothing ends an outing faster than a cold, wet kid. While merino has always been perfect for these conditions, and our go-to baselayer fabric for the outdoors, finding merino wool layers in little explorer sizes wasn’t so easy. So, we set out to make our own.

a different way of doing things

What we didn’t realize when we started this journey, is that the clothing industry is one of the planet’s biggest contributors to global warming and environmental degradation. In the U.S. alone, we throw away an average of 70lbs of textile waste each year.

From ewe to you and beyond, we wanted Iksplor to be different – and better. So we created a transparent and ethical business model, supply chain and product lifecycle to help protect the environment for future generations. We source the highest quality wool in the world, use Blue Sign approved dyes, and work with a woman-owned manufacturer right here in the U.S.

But that’s not all. We couldn’t stand the thought of Iksplor's textile waste sitting in a landfill for the next 20 to 200 years or more. So we also created the Iksplor More Send Back Program. We ensure that your little explorer’s gear will be responsibly reused or recycled at the end of its adventures. Our merino’s durability makes these pieces great hand-me-downs. But when the adventure is really over, our merino fabric can be composted and will decompose within six months. That’s a fraction of the time of a polyester product. .

iksplor // explore 

We landed on the name Iksplor, the phonetic spelling of “explore,” because it captures our values of adventure, discovery and learning. Thank you for joining us on the journey. We are nothing without you and all of your support. We’re excited to follow along and be inspired by you and your family adventures big and small. #letsgoiksplor. 

Cheers to new adventures,   

Iksplor Co-Founder Karissa Akin Signature
Iksplor Co-Founder Kailey Gieck Signature
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Iksplor Founders Karissa Akin and Kailey Gieck with 100% Merino Wool Swaddle Blanket