baby adventure zippy

size: preemie baby
color: granite gray
granite gray

The adventure zippy is essential for any little iksplorer. Our mid-weight merino is soft, breathable, and insulating, making it perfect for keeping them warm in any season and on every adventure. It’s perfect for wearing on its own as a baselayer or layering over our baby iksplorer setThe zippy features:


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      better adventures

      You've heard it before, "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing." Your baby's next to skin layer is the most important! It will keep them dry, warm and comfortable making for better, longer adventures outdoors.

      easier care

      Cause kids...thankfully merino has its own antimicrobial powers preventing bacteria and odors - hello less washing. However, when needed, toss your onesie into the washing machine. Lay flat to dry or tumble dry on low. Then, head back out on your adventures!

      better for the planet

      Merino comes from our wooly friends, the merino sheep. Unlike polyester/synthetic fabrics that end up in our landfills for hundreds of years (yikes), the iksplor adventure onesie can be composted in six months. 

      happy campers