born for adventure

born for adventure  

ethically made, merino wool
for your little explorer  


explore // ikˈsplôr // (verb) to travel over unfamiliar territory for adventure

superfine merino  

better for you, your baby & mother nature 


rest assured your little one is comfortable. merino helps your child regulate their body temperature, helping them to stay warm when it's cool and cool when it's warm

super duper soft

helps prevent & reduce skin irritation. merino is gentle on baby's skin and proven to reduce the redness of skin sensitives like eczema

dries quickly

get outside and stay outside longer! merino naturally repels water and dries uber fast. its insulating qualities keep your child keeping on 

natural sunscreen

embrace a little vitamin D, merino provides natural protection against the sun's harmful rays, rated up to UPF 50+

stain resistant 

beat the blow-outs! breathe easy (well sorta) as merino's natural protective layer prevents stains from absorbing 

perfect for travel

fight the germs and stink. merino is antimicrobial and antibacterial, making it the perfect adventure or travel outfit 

explore. wash. repeat

skip that laundry pile, these breathable layers are as good as new after airing out. when needed they are machine washable

for mother earth 

a renewable, sustainable and biodegradable fabric. we borrow mother earth from our children, let's show her love

let's go explore 

perfect for the tree climbing, fort building, butterfly chasing adventures of childhood