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nature's finest fiber

better for you, your baby and the planet

Merino is a natural fiber that comes from our wooly friends, the merino sheep. It will prevent your little one from getting sweaty and cold, wick away moisture and is soft and gentle on their sensitive skin (unlike your nana's scratchy wool sweater).

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Merino wool is naturally temperature regulating. It's got this crazy cool and complicated internal chemistry that allows it to pull up moisture away from your body while warming you up or cooling you down, depending on what's happening to you inside and outside.

As an added bonus, it's also naturally UPF 50+.


Merino is breathable so it moves moisture away from the skin and bacteria doesn't have a chance to grow. 


Unlike synthetic textiles that simply don't decay, merino wool is fully biodegradable within just months.

aids in sleep

When dressed merino wool, children's body temperature is regulated allowing them a deeper and longer sleep.

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benefits for sleep and summits 

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