how to care for your iksplor wear

If you are already familiar with the super powers of wool, you know that your iksplor adventure-wear naturally resists stains, wrinkles and odors. But let’s face it, life with kids is messy and before you know it your items will need a good wash. Let's make sure these layers last as long as the memories you create.

step 1

Check for stains! Before washing, rub any stains with a bar of soap, wash and don’t dry until the stain is completely removed. 

step 2

Machine wash. Be sure to wash with similar items and use a wool detergent when possible. We also recommend washing in cold water.

step 3

Tumble dry on low.  Toss your Iksplor pieces in the dryer and tumble dry or lay them out in the sun! Never wring out or hang to dry.

step 4

Go play! Throw those layers back on and head out on your next adventure...get dirty, have fun and keep iksploring.

merino wool care faq

what if I get a hole in my iksplor wear?

We really want our pieces to last as long as possible so if you get a small hole or tear, please be sure to get one of our iron on patches placed over it as soon as possible!

Kids especially can be really hard on their adventure wear, we have seen some very loved base layers. While we want your pieces to last a lifetime, they are totally biodegradable, just put it in the compost! If you don’t have a compost, send it back to us and we will find it another home, recycle it, or compost it for you!

can I dry-clean my baselayers?

We don't recommend dry-cleaning these layers. Follow the steps above for the best results.

do I have to use wool detergent?

While wool specific detergent is ideal, we don't aways use it on ours! We do always use a gentle detergent such as Dreft. Do Not use a fabric softener.