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made for good, born for adventure

We're two sisters who grew up exploring the outdoors as a family. We hiked and camped, sailed and biked, climbed and skied. Not only did these childhood adventures bring us closer, they ignited our passion for the outdoors and protecting our fragile environment.

As we began families of our own, we knew we wanted to share this same love of nature and spirit of adventure with our children. In a fast paced, digitally-connected world, a deep bond with nature is as fundamental to our own physical and emotional health as it is to our children’s. Outdoor adventure sparks confidence, independence, a sense of awareness, stewardship for our environment and so much more. 
But we know that as much as you want to get out there, with everything on your plate, carving out time to adventure outside with your kids is easier some days than others.

That’s why we are on a mission to create easy-to-use resources, easy-to-care-for clothing and community inspiration to help you get out the door and into nature with your littles.  

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