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how to layer for successful outdoor adventures

We’ll be saying it until we’re blue in the face, but here’s the deal: nothing ends an outdoor adventure quicker than a cold, wet and uncomfortable kid. Not even M&Ms can save the day. We’ve tried.

But the solution to this universal dilemma is pretty simple, actually. It’s all about layers. And, if you layer yourself and your littles in the right gear, there’s no telling what kind of shenanigans you could get into – on the reg. We know because at iksplor, layering is kind of our raison d’être. Yes, we’re trying to be fancy, but that just means it’s why we’re here.

As iksplor co-founder Karissa Akin has said, “never ever underestimate the importance of the right layers.”

While generally there is some nuance into what layers you use and how and when, there is one absolute rule when layering for adventures: cotton is a no-no. All cotton does is absorb moisture, whether that’s snow or rain or sweat, leaving you and your kids wet and miserable. It’s just the wrong fabric for days when you’re going to be outside and active and you should avoid it at all costs.