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September 30, 2022 - Iksplor
September 30, 2022
It’s no surprise, and no big change, that global politics are a bit tumultuous of late. But many of those responsible for shaking things up in the last few days...
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June 6, 2022 - Iksplor
June 6, 2022
We all know that reading to and with our children is important. But what we may not know is that it’s important for them well beyond their toddler years and it’s also pretty...
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May 20, 2022 - Iksplor
May 20, 2022
Recently Fred Miller, 56, an air force veteran, purchased a grand old house called Sharswood near his childhood home in Virginia. He wanted a place big enough to host his...
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May 5, 2022 - Iksplor
May 5, 2022
So Elon Musk is buying Twitter. If you’re anything like us, you’re wondering how exactly he has $44 billion on hand to do this??? We knew he was rich (the world’s richest,...
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April 22, 2022 - Iksplor
April 22, 2022
Mom guilt. It would be a miracle if there was any mother anywhere who doesn’t feel it—and, frankly, probably too often, too. But this essay by Lara Bazelon, and adapted from her...
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March 18, 2022 - Iksplor
March 18, 2022
March is women’s history month and it has been since 1987 when Congress passed a joint resolution declaring it so. But it wouldn’t have if not for the work of—yup,...
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