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December 13, 2019

Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
creative ideas and stuff that makes us lol


“If I was the Princess Jasmine,
I would have taken the carpet and flown away.”

-Jasmine, 6 years old @LiveFromSnackTime 

weekly survival tip

We know. We can’t live without pizza either. Even for a night
in the backcountry. Now you don’t have to.

trail talk

The rise of the “mommy blogger,” in its many iterations, and the influence of social media, has taken the public conversation about motherhood – and parenting more broadly – to new heights. It is often funny, frequently confessional, and sometimes (but not always) surprisingly honest in raw and unexpected ways. It’s also becoming glossy and aspirational with websites, Instagram profiles and the like portraying versions of mothering that somehow seem both attainable and not at the same time. It’s an ever-evolving landscape and where it goes next will be fascinating to watch. 

trail matters’s the holiday season and everyone loves some sparkle, which is why shiny wrapping paper is so appealing. But, sadly, it’s also really bad for the environment. For one, it can’t be recycled because it’s coated in plastic. And, two, the glitter on some of that lovely paper is made from microplastics, which can enter our waterways every time we wash our hands, our clothes or our dishes. These have been found to pose a serious threat to fish, birds and other wildlife. So, what to use instead? Anything that you can repurpose or recycle such as craft paper and craft paper bags, tea towels, cloth napkins, and the like. Check this list out for more ideas, too.

trail mix

A key part of success when getting into the outdoors for kid-friendly adventures is knowing what your children can handle. Pushing them beyond what they will enjoy or what is comfortable for them isn’t going to get anyone very far – pun definitely intended. However, your child’s limits will depend not only on personality and preferences, but also on his or her age and weight. Those specifics will help you determine the appropriate mileage for a hike as well as how much your little one should be carrying. Have a read through this handy guide to help you plan your family’s next best day on the trail.   

yard sale

Can’t get enough of cute babies and cute dogs…


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