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December 19, 2019

Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
creative ideas and stuff that makes us lol


K: Please hurry mama, I want to get to school early to play outside!
Me: Ok hang on I’ll get dressed.
K: No, it’s ok! You can go like that. Lots of other moms look homeless in the mornings, too!
Me: ...Ok let’s do this


weekly survival tip

Worried about family stress over the holidays? Never fear, Emma Thompson, is here. The star and writer of the recent movie, “Last Christmas,” provides all your key survival strategies for a joyful season.

trail talk

Over here at iksplor we need no convincing that skiing is an awesome sport. But the research is now in to back our hunch: Skiing isn’t just good for your muscles, it’s good for your mental health and mood, too. Scientists at Lund University and Uppsala University studied about 200,000 Swedish cross-country skiers between 1989 and 2010. They found that the number diagnosed with dementia, depression, and chronic anxiety was 50 percent lower than a similar-sized control group of the general population in Sweden. Those skiers were also at less risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. So, go get your pow shots, and don’t let anyone guilt you about it. They’re good for your brain. 

trail magic

In case you missed it, Time Magazine named the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg its 2019 person of the year. She’s the youngest to have ever graced the cover. As Time editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal said, "she became the biggest voice on the biggest issue facing the planet this year, coming from essentially nowhere to lead a worldwide movement." It’s an impressive recognition for her impressive work and, we’re pretty sure, just the beginning of what Thunberg will accomplish.

trail mix

It’s hard to believe, but with the holidays upon us, so too is the winter solstice, or Yule, as some people call it. The shortest day and longest night of the year is tomorrow and marks the official start to winter. Although it’s tempting to hunker down in the warmth inside, we think a celebration of the changing season is probably more fun. Check out Hike It Baby’s helpful guide for kid-friendly activities, crafts and books that will help you ring in the winter weather. 

yard sale

“It’s too hot!” “It itches!” While these are two things your little iksplorers WON'T say while wearing our super-cozy merino.. .this "commercial" is hilarious and so on point!


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