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Are you done with your holiday shopping yet?? Not even close??

Same, friend. Same. But we’re here to help with a gift guide that we hope will make giving a touch easier, especially for all you outdoorsy types, and maybe even more meaningful this year, too. We also know that giving this year may be harder than it’s been in the past. So we’ve provided ideas at a variety of price points and some which need not cost much at all. 

iksplor adventure wear (obvi)

Sure, we’re biased, but we really do think our iskplor wear makes the best gift. Its versatility and high quality means you’ll ultimately buy less overall.


Now available in sizes 0-6 (up to size 12 now available for pre-sale!) They work as well for playtime and trail time as they do for nap time and bed time. They’re also all you could ever want for layering!

beanies and neckies

made for little kids and big kids alike, they are ideal for twinning – whether your little ones like it or not!

the adventure blanket

Cozy AF. True story. And while it’s really an amazing swaddle, that’s just the beginning. Think: travel blanket, beach towel, extra layer, scarf, superhero cape and more.

For a limited time, purchase an iksplor set and receive 50% off a blanket!! (use code BLANKET50)

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AND some other gifts to help you and your kiddos get outside this holiday season:

NOSO Patches

We love our friend, and fellow Jacksonite, Kelli Jones’s brand Noso Patches – the adorable, adhesive, quick-fix to every rip and tear on your gear and clothing. Kids worn through the knees on the iksplor set they insist on wearing every day? Just slap a Noso Patch on there and keep truckin’.  


For hours of entertainment and great for balance, body awareness, core strength, focus and more, try a slackline. Be sure to check out this Beginners Guide to Slacklining with Kids.

Kazoo Magazine

For the little ladies in your life, a subscription to Kazoo Magazine, an award-winning print magazine for girls, aged 5 to 12, might be just the thing. Every ad-free issue is chock full with science, art, comics, games, crafts, recipes, and stories all focused on celebrating girls for being “strong, smart, fierce and true to themselves.”

Ski Scooter

It’s winter. The snow is flying. The hills are getting covered. How strong is your sled game? Need to up the ante? Check out this list of options or try a ski scooter.

Snow Forts

Also always a sure bet for super fun in the snow? Building a fort. You might not even get your kid back inside for hot chocolate. Especially if you build it with a brick mold like this one. By the way, don’t put the mold away when the snow melts. It’s perfect for making sand castles too.

Annual National Park Pass

An annual National Park Pass is one of those gifts that truly gives back. Not only will your little iksplorers love the opportunity to get out into some of this country’s most beautiful wild spaces, but your purchase helps protect those areas – and the wildlife that lives there – for years to come.

How about more experiences and less stuff, you say?

We dig it. Consider outings to climb, ski, mountain bike, paddle board, horseback ride, sail and more. Even just a special day in the park or the mountains for a hike and a picnic – or perhaps a mid-week outdoor cookout with s’mores or an evening to camp in the backyard just for fun – can be particularly meaningful. The options are endless. The days spent outside will be priceless.

The gift of giving

Finally, because the best part of the gifting process really is the giving part, we also wanted to include some inspiration for charitable donations. Perhaps you could make these in a special recipient’s name or honor? We turned to the inimitable Nick Kristof, of the New York Times, who writes a column every year highlighting charities worth your support, for some ideas. This year he’s selected one that sends girls in Africa to school, another that mentors low-income students so they can graduate high school and make it through college, and a third organization that fights blindness in Asia and Africa. If you want to find your own destination for charitable dollars, check out this giving guide from Charity Navigator to ensure your money makes the most impact.


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