January 21, 2022


4, in an attempt to avoid bedtime, has come up with an adorable new excuse.

Tonight from the monitor I heard this, “Momma, I’m having a bed party and you’re invited, when are you coming?"

-- Momsense Ensues, @momsense_ensues

weekly tip

Earlier this week, a new government website went live that all Americans can use to get free at-home rapid covid tests. If you didn’t know about it, or weren’t sure where to go to get the tests, here’s the download with all the relevant info you need. Healthy reading!

trail talk

If you aren’t already playing, get on Wordle now. You won’t be sorry! The simple, once-a-day, and now viral, word game is the obsession of the moment. It’s loads of fun, relatively easy, and gets your brain twirling. This essay is explores why so many people have taken to it and why it’s so perfectly suited to the challenging moment we are living ("variant, after variant, after variant"…sigh…). Have a read, enjoy, and then let us know how many tries it took you. Our best outcome so far is two…

Even though the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was a few days ago, we didn’t want to let it pass unmentioned here. While there is plenty online to read about the civil rights leader, we found a couple articles of particular interest. One is this piece that looks at King’s legacy through an environmental lens and considers the ways his words, actions and teachings guide those now who are on the front lines of the fight for environmental justice and the work to slow climate change. The article, which includes insights from scientists, theologians, ministers and environmental and climate justice advocates, clarifies the important links between environmental and social injustice and the interconnectedness of all people—principals King understood well. Another worthwhile story, is this photo collection of rarely seen pictures taken during King’s early years. The series of shots include those of King with his family, giving speeches and confronting the many police officers who arrested him over the years. They are a unique portal into King’s life and a pivotal part of American history.

trail magic

It’s sounding more and more likely that an electric car will soon be in all of our futures. According to a few recent articles in The Guardian, not only are the costs of electric car batteries dropping enough to make them competitively priced with traditional gas vehicles, but an Israeli company has developed a battery that can be fully recharged within five minutes. Put together, experts say that within the next one to three years electric vehicle costs could fall even below those of gas models. That tipping point has already passed in Norway where tax incentives have made electric cars more affordable and led to their market share rising to 54 percent in 2020. While the new fast charging batteries rely on chargers with more power than those in use today, the company behind the batteries plan to make 100 miles of charge possible in five minutes with currently available chargers by 2025. Knowing how important mass adoption of electric vehicles will be to slowing global emissions and, therefore, climate change, this is some magical news indeed.

trail treasures

Any mom who’s breastfed a baby knows it’s not always easy. Now try breastfeeding while out on the trail. Sound impossible? It’s not! In fact, with some practice, it really is quite doable and there are plenty of other hiking, adventuring moms out there who’ve got it down and can provide some tips. Check out this blog post from the website Hailey Outside (she's one of iksplor's ambassador mamas) on hiking and breastfeeding even in the winter. Here’s another article full of useful ideas not only for breastfeeding, but for bottle feeding and pumping, too. Because, of course, no matter how you feed your baby they need to eat while out in the wild! The most important thing to remember is to be patient with yourself and your baby and to practice. After a few outings, it will invariably get easier. Oh, and, wear the right layers of course, like our newest product, the women’s iksplorer set. It will just make the whole endeavor so much easier. Pinky promise.