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January 21, 2022

If you aren’t already playing, get on Wordle now. You won’t be sorry! The simple, once-a-day, and now viral, word game is the obsession of the moment. It’s loads of fun, relatively easy, and gets your brain twirling. This essay is explores why so many people have taken to it and why it’s so perfectly suited to the challenging moment we are living ("variant, after variant, after variant"…sigh…). Have a read, enjoy, and then let us know how many tries it took you. Our best outcome so far is two…

Even though the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was a few days ago, we didn’t want to let it pass unmentioned here. While there is plenty online to read about the civil rights leader, we found a couple articles of particular interest. One is this piece that looks at King’s legacy through an environmental lens and considers the ways his words, actions and teachings guide those now who are on the front lines of the fight for environmental justice and the work to slow climate change. The article, which includes insights from scientists, theologians, ministers and environmental and climate justice advocates, clarifies the important links between environmental and social injustice and the interconnectedness of all people—principals King understood well. Another worthwhile story, is this photo collection of rarely seen pictures taken during King’s early years. The series of shots include those of King with his family, giving speeches and confronting the many police officers who arrested him over the years. They are a unique portal into King’s life and a pivotal part of American history.