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January 3, 2020

Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
creative ideas and stuff that makes us lol


“Skinny jeans make me feel stuck.”
-Peter, 4 years old

Us too, Peter. Us, too…

weekly survival tip

Altitude sickness can come on suddenly and, in its most severe form, can be life threatening. If you’re a mountain adventurer, learn the signs and symptoms and this cardinal rule: descend immediately.

trail treasures

With the snow flying high now, you might be considering a snowshoe adventure. That’s one your kids can enjoy with you, if they have the proper gear. This list of some of the best snowshoes for children should help. 

trail talk

In a moving review of the year that has just passed, the family and education reporters at The Atlantic have shared their most memorable interviews of 2019 . It’s not the kind of year-in-review we often see. There’s no rehashing here of Washington politics or the biggest events and shockers of the year. Just small moments that made a big impact and reveal as much, or more, about how we live and what matters to us most as any major news recap could hope to do.

trail magic

Generally, when we look at the state of the environment, and what needs to be done to prevent catastrophic global warming, it all feels pretty dire. Happily, however, not all the news is bad news. This past year included some notable successes in the effort to protect the planet and its resources. From developing a long-range solar powered car, to a man from Cameroon who created canoes from old plastic water bottles for fishermen in need, to the resurgence of the humpback whale population and scientists who were able to determine where to plant trees and how many to stop climate change, innovators, activists, and researchers all made some significant environmental waves.

yard sale

This three-year-old is flipping awesome.


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