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July 3, 2020

Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
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5, to her sister: I just wish you were muted right now.

*On a shared zoom call IN THE SAME ROOM*

#zoom #sisters #shitkidssay #muted

--ParentDaze, @DazeParent

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Ever since women started entering the workforce en masse, most working moms have continued to take on more than their male partners when it comes to childcare and household responsibilities – often at the expense of their careers and paychecks. But during the coronavirus pandemic “the inequities that existed before are now ‘on steroids,’” said one expert quoted in this recent New York Times piece . That’s because during this global crisis women are still bearing the brunt of those family responsibilities, even as states begin to reopen and more workers return to their routines – often, however, without the same childcare supports they once had. As a result, the negative impact on women’s earnings and professional opportunities could last a lifetime. There is some hope that this moment might force significant cultural and structural change with improvements to this country’s childcare system and more flexible work arrangements. But it’s too soon to say. And while we wait to see how this all unfolds, women continue to struggle.

So cases are surging again across the country and most of us are left scratching our heads. What do we do now as our worst fears of another surge come true? No one wants to go into a full lockdown again. But we do want to see the virus contained and controlled as much as possible. So, what’s the best path forward? This National Geographic article offers some answers to those pressing questions, including: better, more consistent, messaging to the public about how to stay safe; testing at the right level and of the right (most symptomatic) people; and better leadership at all levels.

trail magic

An environmental conservation and protection bill that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Mitch McConnell, and Donald Trump all back? Yeah, it actually exists . You read that right. And it recently passed in the Senate by a 73-25 margin with a spokesperson for the House Natural Resources Committee saying it will have no problems passing there, too. Now it just seems to be a question of when the legislation will go into effect, not if. The bill, called the Great American Outdoors Act, will provide billions of dollars to pay for a backlog of projects across the National Wildlife Refuge system, the Bureau of Indian Education and other land managed by the federal government. It will also permanently support the 60-year-old Land and Water Conservation Fund, a federal program that uses oil and gas revenues to “expand and protect national park areas.” Here’s to one truly bipartisan win for the natural world and a hope for many more to come.

trail treasures

In most of the country it’s full summer by now, July 4th is tomorrow! So for most of you that also means camping season is in full swing. And if your camping adventures include really little ones – babies and toddlers – we recommend pairing our cozy next to skin merino baby and toddler layers with these wearable sleeping bags from Morrison Outdoors. Grab some now while both the 40-degree and 20-degree versions are on sale.

If you haven’t yet seen it on Broadway, or even if you have, starting today you can watch the hit musical “Hamilton” on Disney+. Listen, it’s a holiday weekend, and we sure hope the weather cooperates and you’re able to play outside. But, after the fireworks subside, an evening with Lin Manuel Miranda and his groundbreaking hip-hop retelling of American history might just be the perfect way to wind down. Especially right now, according to this article in Variety , when the show “finds fresh relevance in the Black Lives Matter protests and this divided political moment. It’s that rare work of art that celebrates diversity while urging us to put aside superficial differences, using Hamilton’s tragic outcome as a kind of warning, and his accomplishments as inspiration.”

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