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March 19, 2021


“Do crayons cry if you don’t use them?”
- Sam, 8yo
#nannylife #shitkidssay #kidssaythedarndestthings
--Krysta, @kreesta3

weekly survival tip

Refresh your weekend by listening to some of this year’s Grammy winners! Notably, the list this year includes Beyoncé who, with her 28th award, now officially holds the record for most Grammy wins by a female artist and most wins for a singer, and Taylor Swift, who is the first woman to win Album of the Year three times. Ladies for the wins

trail talk

Following the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world has been a dispiriting practice, to say the least. But for many doctors, scientists, public health experts and other academics, it has also presented a curious and distinct mystery: Why have death rates in poor nations been so much lower – drastically so – than in rich nations like the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain? It’s an “epidemiological whodunnit,” as the author of this in-depth New Yorker examination of the mystery called it. One, by the way, that despite a number of hypotheses, no one quite has an answer to yet. This particular feature of Covid-19 may in fact be the “greatest conundrum of the pandemic.”

Earlier this week the Senate confirmed Debra Haaland as the nation’s first Native American Cabinet secretary. The New Mexico Congresswoman will lead the Department of the Interior. Her nomination and confirmation are historic and Native Americans across the country are celebrating seeing one of their own in such a high profile role. But if you’re anything like us, and unless you live in New Mexico, you may not know a lot about Haaland’s biography. A relative political newcomer, she came to national prominence just three years ago when she became one of the first two Native American women ever elected to Congress. If you want to learn more, head straight to this BBC story, which does a thorough job of laying out who this 35th generation New Mexican is and what she’s all about.

trail matters

We usually dedicate this section to environmental news. But we recently decided to change things up a little bit and add interesting science news to this category too. With that in mind, we thought this podcast from Today, Explained by Vox would be fitting for this week’s selection. The episode is all about our sense of smell as well as that of dogs, who, as it turns out, are quite skilled at sniffing out diseases among their humans including cancer, Parkinson’s, malaria and even Covid-19. It’s an amazing development, but an “enormous dog army,” as the podcast hosts say, was never the plan for catching and curtailing covid. The idea has always been to translate what dogs know through their noses to an electronic device, explained a guest. There’s just one problem with that. Scientists don’t really know how dogs detect these distinct smells, nor do they completely understand how our sense of smell works, either. Not that this lack of knowledge is stopping one MIT researcher from still trying to create a robot nose that can replicate the canine prowess for sniffing out illness. So, the next time you jump into your car, pull up the show and allow Vox to guide you into the science of smell. It won’t be time misspent.

trail mix

One of our favorite websites is While their products are great, we also love their blog. One of their regular posts is a round-up of the staff’s favorite products every month. Selections include books, skin care products, clothing, gadgets and more. They also post gift guides and tips on topics like how to create an organized work-from-home space. If you’re in need of a good book recommendation, a birthday gift for a loved one, or want to level up your evening facial routine, check this out.

Socks. Babies. The two don’t often go that well together – we mean, are there any that actually stay on those tiny toes? Well yes! Glad you asked! We found some! Squid Socks, for ages 0 – 3T, include 100 percent skin safe tested silicone “squiddy dots” inside the cuff that hold socks on -- even as your baby crawls, climbs, wiggles, waddles and more. True story.

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This is actually the opposite of a yard sale. It’s pretty much exactly how you do love. And we love it.


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