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November 1, 2019

Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
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4yo: What happens if your phone goes in the potty?

Mom: WHY?

4yo: Never mind.

Stephanie Jankowsk i @CrazyExhaustion

weekly survival tip

No rod? No bait? No problem. Here’s how your t-shirt and your saliva
can land you tonight’s dinner. 

trail matters

Wildfires, like those raging in California right now, are scary and destructive. Once they are contained and extinguished we all tend to breathe a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately, it’s not always a healthy sigh. The environmental impacts of wildfires are serious and widespread because one of the most lethal effect of fires is the smoke that remains in the air long after the flames have died. In the case of wildfires this smoke tends to travel long distances and can build up and remain in the air for long periods of time reducing air quality and endangering lives. Climate change is one of the reasons wildfire risk continues to grow and another in the litany of reasons it’s such an enormous topic of current debate and activism. But it’s not all a bad news. California also happens to be a leader in the effort to curb climate change. The state is suffering from the effects. But it’s not sitting by idly, either.

trail talk

So, here we are again, with the Halloween candy-fest fully upon us. And, if you’re anything like us, you’re tempted to try and rein in your child’s candy temptations. But that actually may not be the best strategy after all. In the interests of long-term healthy eating habits, turns out that some experts suggest you allow your children to fully indulge and devour all the candy they want. For a few days at least. So, snickers, here we come.

trail mix

Every time we throw our synthetic clothes into the washing machine they release tiny plastic particles that eventually find their way through our water system and into our rivers and oceans. It’s not a good scene. Those tiny bits add up quickly and the impact is huge. But this handy little washing bag is one pretty easy way to do your part to minimize the problem. Of course, purchasing natural fiber fabrics, like iksplor’s merino wool clothing, eliminates the issue entirely. Wink wink…


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