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November 13, 2020

Happy Diwali to everyone celebrating!


Last night, my 3 year old kicked me during a tantrum. As I tucked him in bed later, he apologized. "I'll never kick you again," he said, pulling me in closer and kissing my cheek. "Just do exactly what I tell you to do and I'll never have to kick you again." My son is a mobster.
--Henpecked Hal, @HenpeckedHal

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Hard to believe but the holiday season is nearly here. If you have travel in your plans, you – like so many other Americans – may be opting for the car this year instead of the airplane. If so, check out these tips for making all those hours on the road with kids a little easier to manage. Most importantly: Good luck!

If you’re still trying to decide how to celebrate this year (because it really is a tough call), check out this post for some assistance. It comes from our favorite number cruncher, Emily Oster, an economics professor at Brown University. 

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One of last week’s election winners – by a whopping sixty percentage points in Missouri’s First Congressional District – was Cori Bush. She will now serve as the first Black woman and “likely” first nurse to represent the state in Congress. It was her third attempt to win a seat after misses in 2016 and 2018. The daughter of a politician – her father was formerly an alderman and mayor of Northwoods, in St. Louis County – she swore off running for public office herself for many years. But the police killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014 spurred her to action. Read more about this groundbreaking pol in this short profile of her from The New Yorker.

If you’re feeling in need of more inspiration by way of women defying the odds and claiming a place in the history books, look no further than Emily Harrington. Last week she became only the fourth person, and first woman, to free-climb the 3,000-ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in under 24 hours. She completed the feat in 21 hours 13 minutes and 51 seconds using ropes and gear only as a safety net. She pulled herself up every inch of that mountain. The first time the now 34-year-old tried to free-climb these 41 pitches on El Cap, as it’s known, it took her six days. 

trail matters

Environmental protection was clearly on the minds of voters last week when millions cast their ballots. As a result, they passed more than two dozen conservation measures across the country. These add up to almost $3.7 billion for initiatives that tackle issues such as climate change, land conservation, access to parks and open space, and protections for wildlife and water quality. In Denver, for example, voters approved Measure 2A, a climate tax in the form of a quarter-cent sales tax, that should generate $270 million for climate-related programs. The measure will “maximize investments in communities of color, under resourced communities and communities most vulnerable to climate change.” In three counties in Florida voters approved tax increases allocated for conservation and environmental programs. And in Montana, where voters passed initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults, a portion of the tax proceeds on those marijuana sales will be dedicated to land conservation. Other measures passed in California, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas.

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Did you know that our newly elected vice president, the first woman and person of color to hold the office, wrote a children’s book? She did, it’s called, “Superheroes Are Everywhere.” You can grab a hard copy for your little one’s next bedtime story and you can watch Vice President-elect Kamala Harris read it herself here.

Our friends at Tales of a Mountain Mama just published their first book, which we think is another one you’ll want to check out. It’s a guide to help families get outside all year long and includes 365 activities and ideas for every season. There are also pages for documenting each week, bonus outdoor family challenges, and recommendations for their favorite outdoor family books. We’re helping celebrate with a gear giveaway that helps families too! Learn more and enter to win a $100 iksplor gift card!! 

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