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October 25th, 2019

Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
creative ideas and stuff that makes us lol


"If peanut butter cups were alive, I would marry them."
-Peyton - Age 7

Us too girl, us too.

weekly survival tip

  There’s a reason you have these stashed in every coat pocket.

trail matters

Did it seem unusually warm to you last month? Well, probably depends on where you live. But for most of the world it tied with September 2015 as the warmest September in 140 years , according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NOAA has maintained data sets of global temperature averages since 1880. Not only was September 2019 also the warmest ever for North America, turns out that January to September this year has been second warmest ever recorded worldwide.

trail magic

“Cosmic Crisp” - It’s not what you think it is! This could quite possibly be your new favorite trail snack and the first ever apple developed in Washington State. For those of you who can’t stand a mushy red apple, you’re in for a treat. These beauties hit a grocery store near you December 1st.

trail treasures

Winter is definitely coming and over here we’ve started hauling out the big gear guns with insulated boots, jackets, hats, mittens, etc. But colder weather doesn’t have to mean that you and your kiddos are stuck inside. On the contrary. We firmly believe the best, and most fun, way to get through the winter season is to play outside as much as possible! Like most things with littles, you just have to be prepared. In this case that means layering their clothing correctly, hello iksplor ! Check out this handy guide for some tips then go enjoy your snow angels!

yard sale

NAILED. IT. Sister to 9 siblings dresses up like her tired mom for Halloween.


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