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Now that we’re less than a month away from election day we wanted to check in. Do you have a voting plan in place? If not, let us help! Check out the links below to navigate voting safely during the coronavirus pandemic, learn how and when to register, understand the differences between in-person and mail-in voting, and more. There’s even stuff here specifically tailored for the future voters in your life! As always, reach out if you have questions we haven’t covered. We’ll do our best to help you find answers and get you to the voting booth ready to go. Let’s do this!

Why should people vote?
"So they can give their opinion on what is right."
- Karissma, age 9, beginning 4th grade.
Kids Democracy

Voting isn’t usually that complicated. But this year, amid a global pandemic, it’s far from straight forward. If you happen to be a new parent, or just one with small children, you may need to bring those children with you to the polls. If so, here’s a great source of information from Babylist about how to do that safely. They’ve also included a pretty comprehensive list of other useful information (some even in Spanish) like how to vote in each state, how to register, what forms of ID you might need and more.

You might also head over to I Am A Voter, a nonpartisan movement and public information campaign about voting founded on the principal that “our democracy works best when we all participate.” There you will also find a plethora of resources including how to find your local polling place; a sign-up for text alerts for important election updates and volunteer opportunities; and any Covid-19-specific voting rules or changes.

If you’re not in the mood to scroll online you may want to listen to “The Daily” podcast episode about mail-in voting instead. The 25-ish minutes you tune in will help you understand what mail-in voting entails and why there’s been so much controversy surrounding it this year.

Also swirling amid our rapid-fire news cycle right now is a mass of misinformation coming at us from just about every angle. Want to cut through the bs? Us too. But to do that we need to know how to decipher what’s a reliable source and what isn’t. This piece from Common Sense Media will help you do just that.

And then once you’re at the polls – or at your kitchen table filling out your ballot – you’re going to want to know who to vote for! Duh! To help fill you in, head over to Know Your Vote. There you can look up state and national candidates to find out where they stand on issues ranging from civil rights and the environment to healthcare, taxes and more. You can also check out Vote Smart for similar 411. Both are non-partisan and free.

With all this non-stop talk of the election, it’s likely your children are going to have some questions, like: why do we vote? How does it work? What exactly is the electoral college? You could engage in the time-honored parental struggle of trying to answer these not-actually-so-simple questions on your own. Or you could pull up this lively, kid-friendly, news podcast from Vox called “Today, Explained to Kids” and let the pros do it for you.

And, finally, if you’re feeling unsure about voting because it’s all just kind of a lot, well, we understand. We really do. AND, still, no excuses accepted. Voting is just too important. Let this 100-year-old woman be your inspiration.

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