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Run Wild My Child | Best Merino Wool Base Layers for Kids and Toddlers

We’ve all probably heard people rave about how merino wool is the best base layer for kids when playing outside in cold weather. But why is that? What’s so great about merino wool and why is it so expensive? Is it really worth it? And if so, which brands are the best? Our Creative Team member Somer Pickel, Appalachian mom of a whirlwind toddler, had the chance to test out seven brands that all make wool base layers for kids. She’s sharing her findings on how they hold up to rough and tumble outdoor toddler play, along with her review on the quality, colors, pricing, thickness, durability, and sustainability of each brand. 

About the brand

Iksplor is a small family-owned and operated company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Their mission is to create easy-to-use and care for clothing that helps get kids outdoors and wherever their childhood adventures take them. On their website, it’s obvious that the sisters are passionate about their commitment to sustainability.

Iksplor makes its products from 100% ZQ certified merino wool (18.9-micron, 200 G5M). ZQ wool is from New Zealand and certified to very high standards for the welfare of sheep, land, farmers, farmworkers, and of course wool quality. ZQ reports each and every fleece is hand-selected by highly skilled “wizards of wool” for fiber quality prior to certification.   

Why we love this brand

Iksplor sets are offered in some really fantastic colors. My kiddo was gifted the raspberry color and let me tell you, she loves them (and so do I). The bright color drew her in immediately. She was literally clapping while jumping up and down! And I love how visible she is in fields and forests. I never have to wonder where she is when she’s wearing these woollies, which makes hide-and-seek extra comical.

Some of my favorite aspects of the Iksplor set are its 50 UPF sun protection, long-fitting limbs, and torso, thumbholes, and flatlock seams. These woollies are perfect for string bean kiddos like mine. The long features really stretch out the wear time for quickly growing children and move exceptionally well with my always rolling and wallowing toddler. This feature will let us get extended wear out of one size of wool layer. 

The fabric of these merino woollies is quite soft and thin, but somehow substantial, even so. The thin close-fitting features make for perfect base layering in colder months and cool sun protection in warm environments.

All the products are high-quality and hand-me-down ready. But, if you don’t pass them on to another when your kiddos are done with them, you can send them back to the company (no matter the condition) and receive 20% off your next order. Once receiving the wool, it’s repurposed, reused, or composted.

Sizing, price, and options

Iksplor makes their base layers in a size range of newborns through 12 years.

The wool base layer set (long-sleeve shirt and pants) sells for around $89 (0-24 months) and $109 (2-12 years). 


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