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January 10, 2020

Summarizing a mountain’s worth of stories, current events,
creative ideas and stuff that makes us lol


4 has been carrying a small notebook around all day.
She opens it, writes small scribbles and quickly closes it back up.

She’s calling it her “secret diarrhea” and maybe
someday I’ll correct her, but definitely not today.


weekly survival tip

If your weekend travel plans include crossing an icy lake,
you should know how to get across it without going in . Obv. 

trail talk

The phrase, “it takes a village,” may now be somewhat of a cliché. But, let’s face it, when it comes to parenting it’s really true. Children, at all ages, need more than their parents to look up to and talk to for guidance, support, and love. Sometimes, these other adults are essential. There are lots of ways to bring additional caring adults into your children’s lives and lots of good outcomes when you do. This piece from The Washington Post lays out how to do this, and why you should. It’s also a good reminder that, truly, no one does this gig alone.

trail matters

As devastating as the fires in Australia are, a look to their neighbor to the east provides some hopeful developments. Scientists in New Zealand are working to breed low-methane emitting sheep and cows , as well as developing ways to use a local red seaweed in animal feed to reduce those emissions, and they are seeing some remarkable results. The seaweed, when added as a feed supplement – even at quantities as low as 2 percent – has reduced stock emissions by up to 80 percent. And while “measuring sheep farts is smelly, time consuming and expensive,” it’s working. The third generation of a new sheep breed is not only emitting less, but also producing more wool and is healthier than their counterparts. Now, the agricultural community is taking notice with 20 major breeders ready to produce the animals and backing from the country’s industry body. (You see, we knew New Zealand’s sheep were special…)

trail mix

Sure, social media can be bad when we overdo it. But when you’re lying on the couch and finding it hard to imagine how you’re going to a) move, b) do it with kids in tow and c) do it before the sun sets, a little Insta inspiration can go a long way. This selection of outdoor-loving, Instagram-posting families should do just the trick. If their photos and their adventures don’t motivate you (along with some of their tips and tricks for adventuring with littles), few things will. Enjoy! Now go!

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