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our commitment

to minimize our environmental harm and leave our planet healthier and happier for future generations.

a look at fast fashion

Fast fashion has made it possible for us to buy large amounts of children’s clothing for cheap, but it is taking a toll on our environment.


is the average amount of clothing an individual disposes of every year

 over 85%

of these textiles end up in the landfill each year.

100+ years

is the amount of time it takes synthetic fibers to decompose...

iksplor more, buy less

All our products are high-quality and hand-me-down ready. But, if you don’t pass them on to another iksplorer when your kiddos are done with them, send them back to us and receive 20% off your next order! We'll reuse, repurpose, or compost your iksplor wear.

how it works

a win for you and mother earth

step 1

grab your pre-loved iksplor wear

step 2

print out a free return label and send your items back to us

step 3

we'll responsibly reuse, repurpose or compost your iksplor wear

step 4

receive 20% off your next iksplor order :) 



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