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February 12, 2021

Ever look in your closet, or your garage, or your basement and think, my goodness, how did I accumulate all this STUFF? Well, we sure have. And as much as we try to buy responsibly, to not overdo it, the task can feel difficult seeing as buying has become so easy and so fast. The gratification is as close as your computer keyboard and nearly immediate. But we know that we don’t really need a lot of / most of / at least half of (?) what we buy. Hanging onto less, buying less in the first place, and buying better quality goods, is key. Not just for our own conscious but for our planet. That’s a big part of why we try to offer better options for how to dispose of your used iksplor gear — compost if yourself or send it to us to compost for you or even resell it (learn more here). So for this week’s Snack Break we’re going to focus on what buying less (and better) entails, why it’s important, how celebrities, influencers, startups and big companies are getting in on the gig and how you can, too.